Sunday, July 02, 2006

My 21st Birthday Bash

Year 2006 is entering the 7th month and this is the year where all the '85 babies are receiving their key to freedom! I've received mine in May 15th and now i'm officially an adult! That is so amazing to become an adult for it's not easy to be in a transition of life. There's a big difference between the teenhood and adulthood, i've started to feel the pressure to be an adult cause i'll be graduating in less than 1 year to be exact in just 10 months. Part of the reason why i'm moving to a new blog is to have a new start, as turning to a new page of my life, writing the book the way i want it to be, adding more colors into my adulthood *cheers*

Photo slide above are part of the photos taken during my birthday party (13/5/06) organized at my house and my younger sis was having her farewell party at the same time. She's got an offer to study her pre-university programme in College Matriculation Gopeng which is fully financed by the government and that guarantee her a place in our local university. She has to register herself on 15th, the very day of my birthday, that is so sad. From the slide, you can see how many of her friends attended our party, that's alot you know. All of them chipped in to get her a real comfort pillow, that's not it, with all their wishes on the pillow case~! That's so sweet of her friends, special and creative gift i would say. That pillow follow her to the college's hostel for sure.

Finally, dedicating this blog for those who attended the party as well as those who were not able to make it cause most of them were celebrating mother's day. Thanks for making my 21st birthday a memorable ones. Thanks to my family,relatives, friends from primary school, secondary school, and university, last but not least my younger sis's friends cause i'm quite close with them for your info: for wishing me happy birthday so loud and singing birthday song so loud that i think can be hear from afar. All of you, your presence means alot to me you know. Truly from the bottom of my heart. Sorry for i can't list down the name one by one else my blog will be very long and you guys will fall asleep half way through the reading -_-'' that's the complain i always get!! Thanks for the pressie from you guys and gals, and i'm still redeeming them til recently! And here i'm reminding uncle Brandon once again for the Baskin Robbin treat that you've agreed in case you're too busy and forgotten about that :p

p/s: few of the photos were taken during my dear friends esther & lydia's birthday party and also in Shogun 1 Utama during their birthday which is just 2 days after mine!


Anonymous Akira said...

Ah...finally the 21 eh? Congratulations on your 21st birthday Rachel. From the photos I can see that you've had a lot of fun and this blog seems much more spacious photowise, like they all say sometimes pictures does speaks more than words. Nice to see that you've had fun as well as congrats to your sis too.

10:34 PM  
Blogger Arco said...

Thanks, that's the reason why i move to this new blog you know. Hope you can keep following my entries.

10:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm, 21 years old really means that much? I cant remember how i celebrated mine 21 birthday... anyway, you still have a very long road to walk... u may find it tiring, but you will always be supported by us i.e. your frens - theSun journalist (u know who I am lah).

12:36 AM  
Anonymous wen fang said...



Its great to know that u had a fun celebration, but hold on... why wasn't i invited? -.-lll

LOL. Just kidding just kidding =P Anyway, all the best in ur future undertakings yea. To be frank, i hate growing up; how i wish i could just stay fun and unworried like those good old days in school *sigh.. But that's wat life is all about isn't it? Unpredictable and uncontrollable. All we can do is to adjust ourselves, do our best, and see what the BIG BOSS who lives above the clouds wanna do with our fates?

10:21 PM  
Blogger Arco said...

Hey, thanks Wen Fang it's good to hear from you! So you're back in KL right? Hmm..why you're not invited?? Haha..IF you're here in M'sia sure i'll invite you over, but too bad you're in Aussie that time and having your final. Keep in touch ya. It's been a long time didn't see you, wondering how are you lately, really miss the time we had in secondary!

11:40 AM  

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