Wednesday, July 05, 2006

E-Commerce Presentation

Firstly, for someone that is definately not a computer literate like me, i'm so proud to get my blog to look like what one should be like *wink* You'll never believe that started from getting a blogger account to posting 2 entries as well as changing the blog's templates spent me around 5 hours to figure it out! Finally, now i know what i've learn during my Pre-University programmes are of use~ the C++ and HTML coding ! Specially thanks to Mic, a friend of my younger sis who's good in blogging, thanks alot for the felp and information shared. Really appreciate the time you spent in teaching me.

Let's get back to our topic. Last tuesday, it was my group's turn to present our E-commerce assignment which titled "Mobile Money: It's Development and Risks in Malaysia" Mobile money is still a new term here in Malaysia so if you're interested to know more about its functions you can log on to their website .

We've started preparing for me few days before the presentation by doing our own parts. We'vev decided to make our presentation a creative and interesting ones by doing something that had been done before in our class. We decided to take some video clips on how the Mobile Money works, it's transactions and processes involved.

To take a video clip, we need someone to "volunteer" to be the actor and actress in it. Without any chance for objections, Kenny and JS were being set up by the other 3 of us to cast in the clips :p. After taking the video clips we started to prepare for our slides and tried to edit and insert the clips into it. Big applause to our Boss, MC for spending so much time in preparing and getting those background that made our slides look so professional.

On the presentation day, we were so nervous and started to set up the laptop and projector and ran through the whole presentation once in case there's any mistakes. Soon as our tutor, Ms Lo entered to class and every classmates were seated we started by giving them some basic knowledge about Mobile Money in Q&A form. Ms Lo was smart enough to see our intentions of giving the papers to all in order to be free from questions asked by her.

The presentation went smooth and when the video clips were shown during our presentation, all the classmates burst out in laughter to see the superb acting by the two of them, even ourselves can't stop laughing thou we've seen in so many times during the preparation but we managed to control the crowd as well. To be more hillarious, you all should see the original clips with speaker on! We purposely turn it off so others can't hear what's happening behind. Those not acting laughing all the way, our Boss giving instructions on what to do etc. Too bad i don't know how to share it here or else you'll have a good time laughing at our clips.

After presenting, it's Q&A session. As usual, all the classmates kept quiet cause they were afraid to be asked also during their presentation. But, definately our tutor is going to give us some hard time. Alot of doubts from her, questions asked but our Boss was able to answer them very very well and Ms Lo was very satistfied. The comments from Ms Lo: " I can see the hard work and effort being invested in your presentation, Excellent! And now i know there's a good actor and actress in our class as well! Good job and i'm expecting more from the following group. " What a relieve to get her comments. *phew*

The photo slides above were taken on that day,can see that my face was so pale,dark circles and puffy eyes. It's exactly the same for the other group mates. Bravo! Good job and we're gonna rock others in our coming Organizational Development presentation!! Watch out you guys and gals *evil smile*


Blogger Jack² said..., it was consider failure in m'sia..=P..bcoz it cannot be used with others bank..only the specific ones..hehexz..seems to be having lotsa fun..keep it on track..making life more colorful~!!

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Blogger Arco said...

haha..not really a failure yet cause they've lauched a new feature, the mobile money wallet. Go check it out the functions and benefits~

11:44 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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