Thursday, July 06, 2006

6F Class Gathering 5th July 2006

First of all, i would like to take this opportunity to explain that 6F is not a lousy class you know. It's common for other primary school to name their classes by using alphabetical order. Our school, Mun Choong used the same rule but there's a slight different cause there's morning and afternoon sessions. They faced problems to accomodate all the students due to limited spaces and classrooms. For your information, there's 10 classes for every standards and 50 students in each classes, so imagine 6 standards,60 classes and 3000++ students in a school. They had to split into 5 classes every standards for each of the session. Morning ones was named A,B,C,D and E so the afternoon ones continue from F,G,H,I and J. Our class 6F and 6A was the best class in the standards which others might think that we are from a lousy class and gave us a sarcastic facial expression which i think it's so unfair to get this kinda of humiliation!!

Since some of them from Aussie, local universities are having their term break so we planned a gathering as demanded from a classmate, Jun Peng. I've started sending out messages through friendster cause that's the best way to get back other's contact since i've limited contacts myself. Getting feedbacks and suggestion from others through the msn, asking others to help sending out the information through sms, we've reached a consesus to held it on 5th July,7 pm at The Curve's Heaven, which previously named Halo Cafe. That's one of my favorite hang out place, to get some drinks and most importantly to listen to the live performance there.

I reached there around 7:10 pm and some were already there. We had our dinner and chit chatting about our lives, as well as getting some latest update those not attending the gathering. Had lots of fun laughing and talking bout times we had together in primary school. We get a bit frustrated as some promised to attend did not show up bet never inform us, making it worst when don't even want to answer our calls. If that's the case why making such a promise?! If you never ever appreciate our intention of having a gathering then just tell us you're not going to join usl, it's just that easy, isn't it?

Somehow, we won't have our mood spoiled by some jerk and i think all of us having a great time there. I took some photos of classmates that attended the gathering thou just 8 of us shown up there last night. At last, when we were planning to make a move, a joker called up and said that he's on the way so we decided to meet him at some other place as we've paid the bill earlier. After meeting him, we headed home as most of us will have an early class the next day.

It's good to see you guys and gals last night, some that i have not meet since graduated from primary school, i'll be looking forward for the upcoming gathering. Wishing you all good luck in future undertakings and may you all be blessed with love and happiness~!


Anonymous potato said...

dear~ thanks for the effort for making the gathering the great one though some of them ffk. wakaka :D i'm looking forward to our next gathering. hope to see ya soon. take carez muaks...

^.^ from you know who.

8:32 PM  
Blogger Arco said...

yes my's good to see you there and thanks for making it a memorable ones with me. Thanks for the support given cause i know all of you must have a shock in your lifetime for knowing my latest update. Take care and see you soon.

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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