Saturday, July 08, 2006

Redang Trip 10.05.06 - 12.05.06

Oh gosh, it seems so long after the vacation and there's a sudden urge that made me open up the folder to view the photos taken. So i've spent sometime choosing the photos i like,resized them and uploading them into slides that you can see above. That's so sad for i have to stay at home on saturday night, cause i had my OD midterm this morning, reached home around 2pm and dropped dead on my bed til 5pm. Guess i'm too exhausted and fatigueness all over me. So here i am, sitting in front of my laptop blogging while accompanying my mom watching tv shows. Surprisingly it's very common for me to do few tasks at the same time, multitasking is essential in this fast pacing environment, well-trained for that *winkz*

I had so much fun during the vacation cause i have no worries over my exam result, well prepared for i have to show that i can gain my self-esteem back even shitty things happened on me again! Why am i talking bout the shitty things when i'm imagining myself at the beach?! No no no, let's not spoil the mood. Planned for the vacation at very last minutes, during the study week when Kenny brought up the idea. This vacation was made up by Bee Sien, Kenny and his girlfriend, Kenny's friends Cally and her boyfriend, and me of course! So 6 of us took the midnight bus to Kuala Terengganu and reached there at 5:30 in the morning. At first, a close friend of mine, JC offered himself to take us for breakfast but i think that it's not so good to wake him up so early. Thanks for the offer JC.

7am, the resort's coordinator called up and showed us the place to get our bus to the jetty. From the jetty,we took a speed boat to the resort. From afar, i can see dark clouds over the resort, and rain started pouring so heavy that all of us were soaking wet when we reached the resort cause our boatman was driving in full speed -_-'' it's so painful to feel the raindrops tappered on us! After loading our baggages, we had a quick shower then headed to the beach to take some snapshots. In the afternoon, we followed the other groups to snorkel. It's my first time snorkelling and i had so much fun. Cause BS didn't know how to swim, she was so nervous to swim in the sea, so i hold her hand and leaded her all through the session. The next day, she was able to overcome the fear and snorkelled on her own *cheerz* For your info, we snorkelled 2-3 times a day but amazingly i didn't feel tiring at all. Guess the underwater world and colorful corals had taken away my worries and sorrow.

There's one thing that made me abit over exicted was i get to see the Star Cruise Virgo right in front of my eyes. The instructor and boatman decided to drove us near the cruise after the snorkelling session cause the cruise can only be seen once in 3-6 months according to the instructor. This once was so close that we get to see it from our resort. Surrounded the cruise that all of us were busy taking snapshots. How i wish i can get abroad. What a luxurious ride if i can ever get abroad.

One thing that i enjoyed the most was spending time sitting outside my room, near the bar, on the beach watching sunrise ( i woke up around 6 am every morning for that) and sunset. Looked upon the sky,watching the changes of the sky and weather, taking some snapshots. That's the life i'm longing for,it's good to slow down sometime , have a good look of the world around, how wonderful the world would be to be able to share all the wonderful things with someone you love.

I know i know,i've been talking too much. For sure i'm going to get more complaints from you guys and gals for again. Hope you all can enjoy the seaview just like i do.


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