Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cool High End Gadgets

Hey guys and gals, i've received an e-mail that caught my attention this evening. After reading and see-ing the pictures, i'm amazed with the development of technologies nowadays and the effort put in by all the scientists for making our lives wonderful~*cheers* for them for bringing us such a cool high end gadgets that you'll soon found out. I'm curious and wondering what our lifestyle would be in the coming future. More to be expected, surprises in our daily lives is what i'm looking forward to.

So now, any idea of what these are? My first thought would be:" It's just some ordinary pen that can be found everywhere, what's the big deal with them?"

I think most of you must be thinking the same as me. Now let's have a closer look. "Hmm..pen with camera and recorder? "

But the answer is WRONG!

"So now what? I really can't figure out what are these! Pens that can be bent? "

TaaDar~ Let's see it for yourself!

To my surprise, they are actually gadgets that can made up a laptop with the bluetooth technology. Soon, they will be replacing our bulky and space consuming PC. This is what we are going to use in the future! Ain't that cool?? While the computers company are still in the evolution of miniature computers, the great scientists are ahead by inventing this laptop by using the bluetooth technology. To sum up, life is full of surprises! So live your life to the fullest with all these cool stuff around!


Blogger Mic said...

Hey it's really a cool invention...cant really figure out what is that at the beginning but was kinda shocked when you mention about the bluetooth technology...great.

Hah, paradigm for the human civilization~

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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