Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dinner @ La Casa with Family

The only day that all my family members are available to meet up will be Saturday or Sunday since my younger sis and myself are not staying home. So these days will be the only time we could actually sit down together for some catch up from each other. Friday night, i texted my elder sis that i would like to have western food for dinner on Saturday. Minutes later, she called me up asking where i want to go. I suggested it would be easier to have it somewhere near my place. Then she suggested a few favorable spots but at the end we have reached a concensus, which is Ken's Cafe @ Menjalara. It's a cafe where we used to hang out few years back. So it's all set and i informed my parents about the plan.

We have planned to meet up there at 7 p.m sharp as my elder sis would have to come back from Bangsar and i will be going there with my parents. It's sad to say that my younger sis was not able to join us cos she has to stay back in hostel and busy preparing for her coming finals. Gambateh neh~

As soon as i approaching the cafe, i was shocked to see the name of it has changed to La Casa. It is more obvious to me that the cafe has changed ownership after me and my sis analyzed the menu. Each of us ordered drinks then started to place the order.

We ordered those food to share around. We ordered this Caeser Salad as the appetizer. The vege is quite fresh, and there's my favorite boiled egg being sliced and small sweet tomato. It's just like any other ordinary Caeser Salad that you could get in other western restaurants.

After the appetizer our main course was served, the Dory Fish Spaghetti. This is ordered by Stanley. Personally i like the fish coz it's very fresh and smooth. The fish just seems to melt in my mouth~ HEAVENLY!

After the first main course, the second main course will be the Grilled Black Pepper Lamb Steak. There's 5 pieces of grilled lamb steak and it is served with mashed potato as well.

Mr. Stanley is serving us the lamb steak and he asked me to take a snapshot of him.Thanks alot.

Here comes my order, the Tomato Marinara Spaghetti. The reason i ordered this was because i am a seafood lover, from the menu i can see that the spaghetti was served with fresh prawns, clams, fillet, mussels, yummie~

Definately there will be pizza since we are here for it's famous cuisine. We ordered one 9'' pepperoni beef pizza to share around. The cook was preparing our pizza and the oven was just next to our table, so i could see clearly what he was doing and he smiled when i wanted to took a snapshot. He was kind enough to ask whether i need to take a closer shot with the pizza in the oven. I rejected coz it would be very troublesome.

Ta-dar~our freshly baked pepperoni pizza. It is very thin and cheesy, totally different from the pizzas selling at pizza houses in M'sia. This is what a real pizza like and taste!

Our last dish for the dinner was Lasagna. Hm,that's Garfield favorite! I would say the Lasagna here is not that good as I have tried much better Lasagna elsewhere.

Soon after we finished the meals, we decided to buy back some chicken wings from the restaurant nearby as we're still not getting enough of food :p My dad suggested to open a bottle of wine while eating the chicken wings. Had a great night with my family, planning to go some other places for "makan" again. So stay tune for my "makan" blog~haha..


Blogger  said...

i am regret to come here... cos i saw Spaghetti


i miss one of those...


y u wanna be like this neh..
good meh u...


now i can only c but cannot eat


11:12 PM  
Blogger arco said...

hey gal, why can get spaghetti over there as well~ since you're earning $S can eat as much as you want..:p

9:16 AM  
Blogger Saphion said...

Hello! You've found LaCasa. It's good isn't it?! Kenn brought me to their old shop once, and I loved the food there ;p

1:19 AM  
Blogger arco said...

haha..yeap..but i've been there few times before and it's ages ago :p just bever blog on that shop..yeap..the old shop's food is nicer~

9:23 AM  

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