Thursday, April 26, 2007

+ It's Just An Ordinary Day +

Today i am not keeping up with my initial plan that i will finish the remaining chapters for Portfolio Management which i have started off during my study leave. Only manage to flip through few pages or i should say just 2 chapters. I still have 2 more chapters left so that i could start off with my Corporate Governance. *yawns* Corporate Governance, what a bored subject and the lecture slides are just s*cks! Wondering will i be able to pass the exam by just reading them? Hm..definately not but there's no more reference that i could get now. Sigh..
I have spent much of the day in my comfy bed with my notebook by my side. I have been working especially hard lately, juggling both my emotion and finals with my usual aplomb. But today i am feeling a bit worn out and overwhelmed by all that remains to be done. I found myself getting emotional more easily during the exam periods, guess i am having too much of pressure from that. Thank God that this will be my last semester of studies in uni.
So i am trying to give myself some excuses to make myself feel better :p Like:why not just give yourself a day of rest? Haha, so i spent the day indulged in my favourite music, chatting with some long lost friends, as well as updated my blog! Yeah, 3 blogs in a row in just one day.
Hope this solitary time can help refresh my brain a lil so that i could carry on with the boring CG.
Hehe, at the mean time, please help this lil notti ArCo who is still daring to blog here, to pray for good luck and pass this finals with flying colours :p


Blogger Kian said...

Good luck to us....wakaka

10:53 AM  
Blogger Arco said...

LoL..yea yea..we need alot of luck in this..cheerZ~

12:11 PM  

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