Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holidays~ Holidays!

Yeap, I've finished my finals for 2nd semester of my final year. Phew, that was such a relieve as i was so stressed that i couldn't fall into slumber every night with *Assignments, Tests, Final Year Project,etc* bothering me. Somehow, i've made it through. Now i'm left with my final year project in hand, hope it'll go smoothly as i've expected so that i can finish it up earlier to have a early preparation for my last semester. Kinda longing for that.

Although that was a busy semester for me, i still manage to squeeze some time out with my group mates for some relaxation activities :p Even we've been in the same class together for three years but until recently only we really get to hang out together. We've had 2 ktv sessions in Neway and Redbox, as well as Kenny's 21st birthday celebration. I had so much fun with my group mates, 1st ktv, 1st movie as well as 1st *punikura* with them. Besides, we took hell lots of snapsots during those session, and i've uploaded them to my multiply so feel free to take a look there.

As i've mentioned earlier, i'm now having my holidays but sad to say, still i need to go back to my campus to meet up with my supervisor for some discussion of final year project and also to meet up with other members to get going with what we've done before we started with finals. So basically, it's not really an enjoyable holidays you see.

The seasons of greeting has arrived, i'll be celebrating this christmas in Penang. Now i'm scratching head to think of what present should i get for my dear. Any idea?'s a bit late huh. Can't blame me cause i was too busy before that. I need to do my shopping last minute.

May my dear friends be blessed with love and care all the time, wishing you all a Merry X'Mas!

More updates from ArCo soon..


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