Tuesday, August 22, 2006

~ADBALL 2006~

~ We Will Rock You ~
One Dream . One Vision . One Party

Organizer: Malaysian Advertisers Association
Venue: Hotel Mandarin Oriental, K.L.
Date: 18 August 2006
Time: 7.oo pm til late night
*ALERT* The organisers shall not be responsible for reckless rock star behaviour, guitar-smashing violence and excessive glam-rock make-up.

*~ The opening dance~*

Last friday while i was taking my afternoon nap before the yoga session as usual, my sis called up and told me to get myself prepared to attend this party. Her boss had booked a table for this event but some of the colleagues can't turn up so i was invited!

The event supposed to start at 7 pm but we reached there around 8pm as the traffic entering the hotel car park was terrible, the car park was fulled. We have to park at KLCC located beside the hotel and walked there. After registering ourselves at the guest registration counter and redeemed our door gifts which included a head scarf and a pair of sunglasses each, we headed to our table. We were lucky enough to see the opening dance as the event has been delayed due to the earlier mentioned situation.

People attending the party dressed up in rock which perfectly matched the theme of the ball. I was not dare enough to take some snapshots of those wanna-be rockers so i can't show you peeps their costume. What a waste!

Not going to blog in details and upload snapshots taken here as i've uploaded them in my multiply account. It's much more convenient there. So visit my multiply for complete set of snapshots. Thanks peeps..you can get my multiply site's link at the side bar. Sorry to say that only my contacts are allowed to view the full contents. For the sake of my friends and mine privacy. No worries as i'll still open majority of the entries to everyone. *Cheers*


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