Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale @ The Grand Ballroom Renaissance Hotel

It's a wednesday! The day i'm always longing for in the week cause this is the day that i can have some time for myself, to tidy up my room ( i've got my own room! ), to file up my notes, searching for new songs to download, sitting right in front of my laptop blogging!! Why am i so free?? Haha it's just simply because i have no class on this particular day for this semester.

Had a busy weekend yet interesting i would say. For i have to finish up the E-Commerce individual assignmnet in just 3 days time but the power supply cable at my housing area was being cut off due to short circuit. What a shity incident! There goes my time to do the assignment. I was lucky enough as 2 of my friends were offering themselves to help me with some of the part else i won't be able to hand in the assignment on time. Thanks to Frederick and Chia Chek, i owe you both big time!

Guess what i've done when there's no electric supply at home? I went to the Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale where my sis was able to get me the admission pass from her company! Since she was away from town with another friend to the cruise trip sponsored by their client which is much more attracting so i was able to get 2 passes. I decided to bring my mom along for some special reason of course~ *evil smile*

The sale started at 9:30 am but by the time i get there it was already 10:30 am. I saw some of them were making their moves with few big plastic bags in their hands and big smile on their face. The line were so long that i can't even see the entrance and by the time i got into the ballroom, my favourite cosmetic brands like Bobbi Brown and MAC's products were sold off!! Oh gosh, those people are real crazy!! Not even 1 thing left in their counter! What a waste, i can't get the products that i've planned to get night before. So i went to have a look at the Clinique counter hoping to get myself some of the cosmetics i need. Luckily i was able to grab some. Phew~ it's just like a battle field in there. My mom and i got so exhausted after coming back from there. Next year i have to make sure myself to be there hours before the sale starts.

Now it's time to explain the photo slides:
1. The admission pass to the Estee Lauder Company Staff Sale
2. Various brands of the company: Aramis, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karren New York, Michael Kors, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Origins, Stila
3 . Combination 1 is the eye liners, there's 3 different colors, each cost RM 15 but guess how much i've paid for them? Only RM 30.
4. Strawberry & Vanilla Freeze lip color, simply like the colors and there's one more lip shaper in the combination but i've forget to snap it :p
5. This combination cost me only RM40 ! Unbelievable! I like the casing very much too.
6. Combination 3 is the mascara, eye shadow and touch tint for eyes.
7 . I super love the eye shadow casing, you'll be shock to know the price of this combination. RM 30! Yes, it's 30! The mascara will easily cost you around RM80 for this brand and the eye shadow will cost you more than this price as well. It's so worth it.
8. Nice packaging of the Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise
9. Set of 3 : a 50ml beyond paradise+body lotion+roll-on beyond paradise perfume
10. The selling price of this set in the market is RM 260 and i've got it with only RM 120.

There's some more product that i've not put in but they all cost me just RM220. To add up all, they will easily cost me more than RM 500 if i would have buy them in the market.


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