Tuesday, July 18, 2006

WorldCup Germany 2006 Screening Party@ c18

Hope it's not too late to share this blog cause the world cup has ended on the 10th of July. Thou i'm not fancy about football and even the players that gals are crazy for but i did follow some of the matches, either watching them at home with my parents and sis or went to some places for drinks and the matches the same time. For your info, my sis is working in one of the media company so we were lucky enough to get entries to the screening party sponsored by The Malay Mail. Guess most of you must be wondering why on earth i didn't go to the screening party in the Bukit Bintang. Let me just tell you then, there's road closure around that area and crowded so i never think of getting there at all. I was not intended to go to any at the first place, but when my sis told me there's one party where we can have free flow of beers and soft drinks, refreshment and most importantly with air-conditioned!! I eventually joined my sis and her friends to the party since it will only be held four years once thou i need to stay up the whole night for the match.

The party was held in c18@ Bangsar Avenue. We were lucky enough to get a whole set of couch for the 6 of us and the bar was just right next to us. Haha~ From the photos, you can see that we were at the 1st floor which is made available only for the Malay Mail guests. There's 2 big screens for the match, and the DJ along with his turn-table was just right next to screen.

As we've predicted, our supporting team the Italian had won the WorldCup. Hooray~


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