Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Lucky Charm?

Those in my class should be able to notice that i wore a crystal bracelet earlier this week but not anymore after a few days. That crystal was actually from my sis Sab, so kind and generous of her to buy me and my mom each from the World of Feng Shui! You know what, this is the first time ever in my life she bought me a gift with her own money! So both of us started wearing it since the last weekend. Everything seems fine but..

2 days after wearing the bracelet:
Early in the Tuesday morning, as usual, after dropping Sab off at her office i drove my SLK to Kenny's place whom i car pool with. Since it's still very early so the high way was clear, no lorries or buses. I enjoy looking at the sunrise everyday at this time accompany by the latest hitz from the radio. Out of a sudden, i heard a loud and sharp noise and my windscreen started to crack in a very fast pace. That really gave me a shock of my lifetime, my heart was pounding so fast that i felt a lil bit panic cause i have no idea what have caused the windscreen to crack as there's no lorries on the road! Even there's no car on my both side cause i'm driving in the middle lane and the car in front of mine is about 100m away!

With the emergency signal on, i drove slowly to Kenny's place which is not far away. As soon as i reached there, i made a phone call to Sab telling her what happened earlier and asked her to call our uncle who's also our insurance agent to tell me what should i do. While waiting for her reply, i asked for Kenny's brother help on the nearest workshop he know. It's so kind of him to help me contacted his friend who owns a workshop near his place and promised to come and take my car to replace with a new windscreen. I were asked to take some snapshots on the car and the windscreen by Sab and mom called to give some instruction as well. Kenny and I were have to skip the EC lecture that day cause the workshop was not open yet. The windscreen have cost me RM200 to replace with an ordinary one! Luckily, i can get the money back as soon as my uncle has made a claim from the insurance company. Phew~

3 days after wearing the bracelet:
Yeah, it's a Wednesday~ I can have a short break today as we have passed up all the assignments for this semester and there's only 1 test left on Saturday. Since i'm free so i was thinking should i try on with a new recipe, my very own Arco-Licious recipe. Now i'm gonna share the ingredients and processes to make yourself the same pastry that i've tried.
1st: Prepare a steamer with enough of boiling water, put some red bean pao inside or any pao you like.
2nd: You have to equip yourself with some Forgetful + Careless + Busy with other things + Bad Luck ! Ain't that easy?
3rd: Wait for about 1 hour til the steamer runs out of water and there's smoke coming out from it. That's all you need to do! Then you can get exactly the taste and smell of my pastry which have a chocolate topping.

Try this and you will get: Acknowledgement & praises from your parents, siblings will be proud of you and keep telling the whole world your glorious result, adding some interesting elements to your ever boring life! What a day to remember~ For nearly burnt down my humble dwelling :p

No one can explain why all these happen ever since i wear the crystal bracelet. Can you? Should i or should i not wear it anymore?


Blogger Jack² said...

lolxz..the bracelet lookz nice wor..hahaxz..but cannot blame everything on the bracelet de...doesn't it sounds abit unfair to the bracelet??hahaxz...btw..where can we buy bad luck and careless to make the pastry huh??there's few incredient seems to be hard to get..mind givin us more detail in gettin it??hahaxz..=P

11:28 PM  
Anonymous Tara Lee said...

Hey, it happened to me too. Thank god mine was like a minor one. Driving my way back home at the highway, a pebble flew and hit on my front screen.

You get to see the scar on my car a crack which seems like a bullet shot!

A minor one, and now I think I'm blessed.

LOL! Keep in touch!

4:10 PM  
Anonymous wen fang said...

here's my recommendation:

use a microwave to heat up ur food next time. its simple, clean, controllable... but yea, just forget bout the radiation =)

4:41 PM  

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