Sunday, July 23, 2006


It's definately a relieve for all of us from BBA Year3Sem1 GroupB cause the midterm test for the deadly subject MA was finally over. Guys and Gals it's not over yet, it's just midterm, our final is just around the corner! Sorry for have to keep reminding but face it, our uni's timetable is so darn packed. Nights before the test i've started preparing but there's still some shitty thing bothering me so there's not much actually in my brain! It's obvious that all were in busy mode for their msn, now i was thinking to upload a photo taken with my phone as a sign that i'm not available to chat cause i'm studying so stop nudging me or do forgive me for replying late at times. I showed the photo to Lydia and she said it's cute :p and she won't kacau me when she saw me putting that photo. Haha,so peeps wait til i transfer the photo ya~Headed home after the test cause i'm just way too exhausted for not having enuogh sleep for such a long time. It started to rain cats and dogs which is good to cool down the heat of the afternoon sun, strangely i couldn't fall asleep in such a cooling day! Strange huh..i know why and only God knows why.

I had so many ideas on how to decorate/modify a bit my clothings which is always plain and simple but i don't really have the time to. I dragged myself out from my nice and warm bed, opened up the doors of my wardrobe and started with the choosing cause i can't figure out which one to start off with first. I finally chosen a jeans that i have not wear for long time and have the idea of cutting it into shorts cause i'm getting frustrated for can't get myself a short which is in trend and fit with the size of my waist! Guess what,my body weight keeps on dropping thou i've consumed a big amount of food. It's definately not good to be too slim, so there's no need for diet gals out there, i'm not trying to be sarcastic okie, my family and friends who are close enough with me know exactly my problem of getting a pair of well-fitted pants, jeans, and slacks.

I took my mom's sewing toolbox and started to work with the jeans. My sis will be complaining i'm super crazy when she found out that it's my Miss Selfridge Jeans * eye-rolling *. Haha, but it's too late Sab you're not around to stop me from doing that :p. Tried it on once again to really make sure that i don't want it to be a long jeans anymore, then measure the length that i wanted to cut away. After that, started with the tailoring part. Cutting it into knee length and trying to make it looks as natural as possible. Guess it'll look perfect after a few washing and i'll make sure it's perfect.

Done with the tailoring part and now i need to get some accessories to match with. I nearly turned over the drawer. Finally, i've found a long ribbon which was being tied on the largest gift that i've ever receive so far. ( Large in the sense that the box is real huge haha) I simply like the colors of the ribbon cause it's a redish purple and look real shiny. Spent a long time figuring out which is the best way to tie it to the jeans at the waist line after trying whichever way i could think of. The finished piece is just the same like what i had in mind. * Cheers * for me~

I'll be updating more on the modification or re-decorate of my clothings so stay tuned to my blog posts. Those materials i'm using are affordable and can easily get so hope you peeps can try on some of your clothes as well. It's such a waste to not wear those clothing you felt it's outdated or plain there's so many things you can do to them. You just need to add some spices to your life to make it extraordinary so same theory applies here, by adding something extra ordinary to them. If you were to have any doubts feel free to drop me a message and i'll try my best to help out. *wink* you know where to get me right.

I'll be home alone this weekend cause my sis and mom are in Melacca, *sob sob* stupid test have spoiled my plan to follow my sis there to makan makan around. I really miss the food there especially Satay Celup. My aunt was supposed to take me to S'pore this weekend as well. But those plan were so not at the right time! There goes my shopping spree in S'pore! But i've got some real sweet friends to accompany me for meals. Went for steamboat last night opposite Metro Prima which Chia Chek suggested. Meet up with Es & Lyd around 7pm and started eating without waiting for the guys. Woops, we're too hungry cause i don't had my lunch and they just came back from park which i was supposed to join. But the rain had pulled me back. Had a great time talking while eating. Thanks peeps, especially to CC for the dinner! Yeah, good food and friends, there's nothing else that i miss. That's what call satisfaction!

p/s: the photo of the finished piece will be uploaded asap cause my sis had took the camera with her!


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Hmm..don't mention it was just a small treat nia..take it as my b'dae treat will time u treat me back lo...kekez...having a great time wit u girlz too..hehexz.and great to know es and lyd..lolxz..thx for introducing such a nice frenz..=P..cheerxz..~!

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