Sunday, August 13, 2006

Food Section Part 2: Korean BBQ

The main course: Korean BBQ. You get to choose between pork or beef and there's prawns and cuttlefish. The secret behind that made the food taste good even without marinating them is that they used charcoal replacing the sizzling pan generated by electric. It's absolutely burdenless to your body cause it's not oily at all! So gals on diet can eat as much as you can :p
Korean pancake! My favorite dishes of all. A must-try dish peeps! Rated it a 5 stars! I think i can finish up the whole pancake if nobody would ever stop me.
The Ginseng Chicken Soup: Ingredients included a whole chicken, red dates, some chilies, glutinous rice,etc. This is my first time trying a soup with glutinous rice! Surprisingly it tastes good and match with the soup. Peeps have to give it a try. Rated it a 4 stars out of 5.
There's not much difference between the korean and japanese sushi. The sushi here is affordable i would say cause there's around 12 pieces but selling at 8 bucks! Just a simple calculation, you can't get the price even purchasing them at the supermarket.
Bi Bim Bap: To all korean series fanatic, this is the dish having the highest rate of appearance in all the series. For eg. Full House and KimSamSun. I would recommend guys and those who can't live without rice to order this cause there's no white rice provided in all the BBQ packages. It's in very big portion so gals might have to share it else can't finish it.

A tip for you peeps before entering to those korean BBQ restaurants : Loaded yourself with enough of cash cause all the transactions made are in cash term, no credit cards accepted no matter you're a Master, Visa or even AE card holders.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow wow... nice dishes *_*
may i know where's this korean restaurant? is it expensive?

^.^ potato

7:55 PM  
Blogger Arco said...

It's located in Ampang. Do you know where is Ampang Point?It's somewhere near there. Gal, call me for the exact location if you're interested. It's a bit pricy i would say. Depends on the package you ordered but it's a good dining place.

11:36 PM  
Anonymous hiro said...

wen bring me go eat???

3:35 AM  
Blogger Arco said...

Hehe Hiro left a comment in my blog finally~ Cheers! So when KT is gonna do the same? Hm..since you're working part time so you should sympathise this poor friend of you. I'll count on you when i plan to go there again but the bill will count on you! :p Thanks for that Hiro! *winkz*

4:36 AM  

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