Thursday, August 03, 2006

Organizational Development Presentation 28.7.06

Our group had been assigned to present our case study on the 28th of July which is also the last presentation for this semester. As i've mentioned earlier in my blog about the EC presentation, we are going to come out with something special that is able to capture all the attention. After some brainstorming session among the group members, we decided to do a role playing instead of answering the case study questions one by one like what other groups are doing. Our case study's title: The Paradoxical Twins : Acme & Omega.

There's 5 persons in our group and so lucky of us that we are able to arrange each of us with a role; the narrator, an OD practitioner, Omega's president, Acme's president and Photocopy manufacturer. We even made ourself a name card to put on during the presentation so our tutor and classmates won't get confused. Night before, we gathered in Bs and Js's condo to run through our scripts so that everything is well organized and everyone knows the flow of the presentation. We stayed up whole night for the preparation while Mc was doing the presentation slide as usual.

We managed to get some sleep and woke up around 5am to practise and do some ammendments to the scripts. Then each of us took turn to dress up in our formal attire and went to our campus. We actually recorded down the whole presentation with a digital camera set on a tripod. Everthing was in control and smooth, and we've got a very good comment from our tutor, she was impressed with our effort and guarantee us with a good grade! Instead, she said our group was the best among all the groups~


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