Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Food Section Part 1:Korean BBQ

This is my first time blogging bout food~! But i think the photos can speak better than my words. I went to the same korean BBQ restaurant located at Ampang a.k.a the Korean Village for two consequetive weekends but with different people of course. The first time was there with Sab, Jessie and U Wern and last sunday with my family. For your info, korean village is a place where most of the koreans in KL reside so such name is given, thou it's not actually a village. Few rows of shop lots where lots of korean restaurants, convenience stores can be found there.
That particular restaurant i went was EHwa Garden which was recommended by a friend, which he think is more affordable yet the food is tasty cause the price range for korean food will easily cost up to few hundreds even there's only a few people. Let's see, a korean BBQ set for 2 will cost you up to RM 150. In the 1st snapshot, those are the side dishes for a 4 pax set.

Here's the price for the BBQ sets, so sorry that i've forgotten to take the side of the menu which is for 2-4 pax :p. It's very considerate of them to put the menu in both mandarin and english. You should look at the ala carte menu, haha cause there's korean words which we can't understand at all, can only make a wild guess to figure out the food or ask for the assistance of the waitress there. BUT don't expect them to speak fluent english and understand you well, you should watch more korean series as for my advice. LOL.

Typical korean utensils you can see in all the korean series. :p Get so excited to see and touch them. Am i in korea now?? Wish i could.

p/s: Hey guys and gals please bear with me cause the server is at scheduled outage, no photos can be uploaded for the time being. More snapshots and details will be updated a.s.ap. Am currently in lazy mode to blog, there's so much interesting happenings to blog about but i seemed so stressed out lately. Gosh, will need to pull myself back on track!


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