Thursday, September 28, 2006

LeSportsac = ArCo's Life

Yes yes, guess you peeps can see from the picture above, shopaholic ArCo is back again as the sales heat has started!

Went to both Isetan outlets in KL : Lot 10 and KLCC yesterday afternoon cause they are having members' presale day. Yeah~ i'm a member myself. That is very tempting to a shopaholic like me after reading through the updated newsletter sent to my house. I can't resist it but to loaded myself with cash and grabbed the car key heading to both the outlets.

Soon as i entered Lot 10's Isetan, my eyes were caught by the new arrival of LeSportsac! My favorite brand for bags of all~ Oh gosh, they are so cute yet stylish! My eyes were wide open to see the price tag! That is totally crazy man, a small bag like that is gonna cost me my whole month's allowance. I like it too much but what i can only do is to bug Kian to take a snapshot of the bag with me~ *sobx sobx*

Bought what i've needed in Lot 10 then sent Kian, Kang and others back to their office. After that, i drove alone to KLCC. It's so hard to get a parking there as all the parking entrance were closed up. Having no choice, i decided to park my car in KL Convention Centre's basement carpark and walked through the pedestrian tunnel linked to KLCC.

Soon as i entered KLCC's Isetan, the first outlet i went was the LeSportsac again. Argh, i can't control my urge to see those bags again~ Thinking should i get one or not. At last, rational stopped me from buying it as i've called my sis earlier and told her about the bag. She answered it short and precisely : Go die la~ so expensive! If I were to pay it with my credit card, i'll be in deep trouble when my parents found out. It's true, cause i have limited budget this month as i need to get something else more important to me. *winkz*

It's so suffering to can just see, touch, and take a snapshot with it but not to own one! Now i can just hug LeSportsac bag i owned with a deep grieve growing in me. I want the new design's bag desperately! Guess LeSportsac has taken over my life.


Anonymous Kang said...


i should borrow you those shopaholics series instead of the undomestic goddess to you..

anyway shopping is good.. shopping makes ppl happy, i think next week i will take leave and go shopping

9:53 PM  
Blogger Arco said...

:p I'll get the series from you when i've finish reading the two books you borrow me..
Let's shop together again..but i think you'll feel bored hehe..

12:22 AM  
Blogger Jack² said...

wow...go shopping..didn't call me geh~!!=P...hmmm, kang kang need to release stress huh??lolxz...don't shop till drop can jor~!cheerxzzz~~

1:11 AM  
Anonymous kenny said...

song dou~~
i think no shop for me at least this months... haiz~~

11:39 PM  
Blogger Kian said...

Wow...control...behave ho...

6:31 PM  
Anonymous wen fang said...

hey has anyone told u before? u have a good taste =)

2:37 PM  
Blogger Arco said...

haha..nope dearie..never..
is it good or bad then?
there's always an equal sign between good taste and expensive taste :p

6:18 PM  

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