Friday, February 16, 2007

-Arco-Liciously 2007's Kick-Off-

After reading some blog entries of my friends about what they did how they welcomed the year of 2007, I wanted to shout out and annouce to the whole wide world my very own kick-off of this year so so much coz i simply love love love the beggining of this year. :p

Part 1

I had a very memorable way of celebrating the new year. The way that i've always wanted to have. I went shopping with my darling at 1 Utama earlier that afternoon on the very last day of 2006. After we've done with our shopping, we headed for our favourite Unagi treats. After our dinner, we decided to leave as he's got a celebration party at friend's place. We hit the road, and soon when we stopped for the first traffic lights, he asked abruptly: Are you sure you wanna join my friends? You'll be bored and just sitting down there. (as usual) I replied, i'm okie with it as long as you're right beside me. Then he asked looking into my eyes: Don't you just want some time for just the two of us as I've been busy with work all these while and don't really spend time with you. Soon after hearing those words, I can't deny that's what really up in my mind all the time, some time for just the two of us. I'm so touched that he noticed, and we made a U-turn back to catch the midnight movie. We were lucky enough that we could still get tickets to the show we wanted to watch. Went for my favorite Mango Madness before the show starts. We countdown inside the cinema in the middle of the show. Just the two of us. For sure there's others inside, but we celebrated it just the two of us. *winkz*

-San Francisco Coffee- while waiting for the show to start.

My darling was busy calculating the amount that we've spent. So i secretly took a snapshot of him without him knowing. Hehe..look at his lips. Eye-rolling when i finally calculated the total amount with my phone. :p

-San Francisco Coffee-Yea yea, my favourite Mango Madness again. *winks*

Part 2

The moment that i've waited so long finally arrived. Last year during the end of October Airasia has promoted a luxury trip package to Bali that just cost RM 500+ with accomodation and air tickets included. Not to leave out the most important thing of all , the accomodation is Hotel Hard Rock Bali! I was so excited to find out this from my sis but i have to book the package on my own coz she has already booked it earlier. Besides, it's a 2 pax package. I can't wait and tell my soon-to-be darling that time :p that i wanted to go. He asked whether i really wanted to go coz he knew that i have to work on my final year project. I answered him with much of assurance after checking out my academic calendar and i'm confident that i can finish my work on time.

It's a 3 days 2 night package and we have chosen to go on the 14th of Jan-16th of Jan. Wouldn't want to write too much on the details so i'll let the pictures to say the words. For me, it's a superb trip as for i get a lilttle time off the past-paced and hectic life i'm having due to the final year project and get to relax myself by the beautiful beaches.I've uploaded them to my multiply earlier so you peeps can have a look there.


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simply sweet for d 1st part of ur post...=)

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