Friday, February 16, 2007

I've Made It Through "Finally"

Yes yes yes! I'm sure those following my entries knows exactly what i'm trying to tell this time around. Yea right, i have handed in my final year project at last after working on it for like half a year. It's on the 15th of February.

Without frail, my group mates and i used to gather in the uni's library after lectures and tutorial sessions everyday. We were working very hard on it. Don't ever doubt us on that.

After toiling in sweats and tears, it's now time for fruitation. It's just like we were seeing and nurturing the baby with much of hope and from the very first moment he was given birth til now the baby has grown up and able to walk on his own. I think others might have some kinda same feeling like me, or it's just that i'm too emotional.

Now, i'm taking this chance to extend a heartfelt statement of appreciation and gratitute to our supervior Ms Ng for her dedicated supervision, advice, encouragement and guidance. We would not have been able to do it without her patience and encouragement, critical comments and constructive criticisms. She even get complained from her husband for putting in too much time on us until she skipped her meals. I'm so so sorry for that.

After all, the greatest source of pressure i'm getting is now taken off my chest. I can have a short break during the Chinese New Year. Soon after the week of holidays, more test and assignments will be hitting back again. Arghh, i really need to know, when will all these be ending?


Blogger Kian said... is my Critical time already...cham...done nothing...

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