Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Home Sweet Home

During May, my house had undergone renovation after the one we had for my room 1 year ago. Now both the living room and kitchen have changed to plaster ceiling, new lighting and air conditioned. Besides, we also rearranged the positioning of furniture in the living rooms to make it look more spacious and cozy.
The whole renovation process took around 3 weeks time, from wiring, plaster ceiling ,installation of new lighing and air conditioner to re-paint the house. My parents purposely chosed that period of time so that my younger sister and I were forced to supervise the whole process because we were on holiday.
Despite all the noise in the days and the dust all around the place, I like the new look of my house. I have taken some picture during the renovation but the camera is not with me so i cannot upload it here now to share with you guys. But, i managed to ask my sister to send me 2 pictures that she took with her SE of the finishing work. For those that have not been to my place before can now take a peep :p Soory guyz because the pictures just show part of it only. If you are interested you can come over to pay me a visit. *winkz* Not to mention, we, 3 sisters were given the authority to choose the lighting and the color of paint. We were very satisfied with the outcome after the renovation. Good job,sis!


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