Monday, May 14, 2007

The Rink Without Ice @ 1 Utama

Today i went shopping in 1 Utama with my younger sis and i saw this announcement board at the concourse area of High Street which caught my attention. It's real fascinating! A rink without ice! How are we going to skate in the rink that has no ice?! Haha, i was wondering as well but the mystery will be revealed soon. I took a snapshot of the annoucement board with my camera phone. To make it easier for you peeps to read i'll re-type the details below.
The Rink Without Ice!
Now @ 1 Utama
18 May-17 June 2007
*Free Admittance*
3s skates are available for rent at the rink:
Mon-Thu: RM 9.00 per person
for first 4 hours
Fri-Sun: RM12.00 per person
for first 4 hours

To learn more about the rink without ice you can log in to their website for more information and you can get to see the demo as well.
I'm gonna try that for sure..haha..are you?


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