Thursday, October 25, 2007

Heart Of Greed

Nowadays, my only entertainment after a long and tedious day of work will be watching series either using my notebook or my darling's pc. After a hot shower, both of us will be holding our plates filing with our dinner and cutlery, and start watching the series.

The recent one that i have finished was "Heart of Greed". ( Chinese: 溏心風暴 ) It is a high-rating 40 episode drama series which aired from April 9 to June 1, 2007 in Hong Kong by TVB. I think some of you guys have already watched it before i do, coz i'm too outdated :( No more downloading series after i start working. It's worth watching and thanks to my younger sis for getting me the series from her friend.


Tong Yan Gai owns a sea-products store. He has 4 children; On, Yat, Foon and Yun. He is married to two wives; Hau and Kam. Together, the Tong family run a happy family, full of laughter. However, Kam thinks that she has no power in the family and becomes a woman full of greed. She seeks the family fortune and in order to do that she causes trouble in the family. Hau, a wise lady pulled the family back together and turned their frowns into smiles. Unfortunately, Hau's cancer comes back and she dies leaving her struggling family behind. On likes a girl named Sheung Joi Sum but she always loved Alfred, a lawyer. She soon starts working at Lau and Kwan (where Alfred works) and they became very close. Yat dates a model named Jackie, which was married, but soon after a lot of difficult challenges and with Hau's help (before she passed away), they became couples and Jackie gave birth to a baby girl, Sam Tong. It seems like a peaceful family, but Kam starts planning evil ideas with Sum's brother Sheung Joi Duk and together they cause a lot of trouble in the family. Their evil plans begin to work and at last after Gai died from stroke, they challenge the family at court for the family fortune. The family is in mayhem for once and they have only one person who can help them, Sheung Joi Sum.


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