Thursday, November 15, 2007

De Chiang Mai Thai Seafood Restaurant

Last Friday was Sab's birthday but we couldn't gather for celebration so my dad suggested to celebrate it on Saturday night. As i've mentioned before we are planning to go for seafood so we chose somewhere else rather than just common seafood restaurant. Ta-dar~ this time i present to you, a thai seafood restaurant.

As you can see in the above picture, there is this pathway leading us to the main entrance of the restaurant. There's fish ponds along the both side of the pathway.

When i first step into the restaurant, the lighting creates some kinda mystery feeling for me and it makes me to look forward what was there inside the restaurant. I like the ambience there. We were leaded by a thai waitress, and forget to mention that all the waiter and waitress there are atually thai. We passed by the desert bar while walking to our assigned table. Only one thing comes into my mind, faster finish the main course as i can't wait for the desert time to come. :p

Since we are in a thai restaurant, we decided to order a thai appetizer. The Thai Mango Salad. This is an appetizer with combination of sour and spicy. The mango is a bit sour and added with some chilli padi inside.

Yeap, here comes the rice. It is being served in a small bowl similar to the bowl serving glutinous chicken rice during dim sum. My first time seeing rice being served this way. Quite special.

The Mixed Tom Yam Soup. As you can see, it is being served in a pot which we used for steamboat most of the time. But, it is different as the heat comes from the burning charcoal in the middle of the pot as we used gas for steamboat. There is mixture of chicken, seafood, vege in the pot of tom yam soup. A bit different from the ordinary tom yam because it is rather sweet type of tom yam. Still i prefer sour one.

The Thai Style Otak Otak. This is a must-try dish there! It is being served in an alluminium foil and if you pay more attention it is actually a shape of a chicken. There's seafood, chicken and vege in that. This is actually comes in a single size, which means it is fixed. And this dish cost RM 25.

The Thai Style Steam Fish. This dish actually get thumbs up from all of us because it is so tasty. The fish is fresh and the servings is great. Sour like taste and a bit spicy.

Well, i'm pretty sure you can name this dish. Yeap, the chicken in pandan leaf. For me, it taste good, but it's just too small portion. It actually cost RM2.50 per piece you know, I can finish one in just one bite!

I found this two signs quite funny so i took a snapshot of them. The Gents and The Ladies. :p

It is common for me to take my camera along when i go to the ladies. There, there's this pot of petals on top of the small table inside the ladies.

This decorative cupboard is actually found inside the ladies. Hmm, but still i prefer the ladies in Tamarin Springs where my darling celebrated my 22nd birthday for me.

Overall, the food there is okie and we had a great night having dinner together.

De ChiangMai Thai Seafood Restaurant

No.34,Kampung Sentosa,
Batu 13, Sungai Buloh,
47000 Selangor D.E, Malaysia.
Tel : 03-6156-3225


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