Friday, November 16, 2007

First Anniversary @ Putrajaya Seafood

Monday the 12th of November was the first anniversary of my darling and I. Since both of us need to work on that day so we decided to celebrate it one day earlier. Since i'm a seafood lover, so my decided to bring me to an unique yet romantic seafood restaurant. The Putrajaya Seafood is actually under the Tai Thong Group for your information.

Along the way from my darling's place in Shah Alam to Putrajaya, we could see one complete rainbow in the evening rain which is very rare to see. I was so excited and i took a snapshot of it but too bad, it's too bright and the glare made it not so obvious. I keep bugging my darling as he drives as usual, and he's so sweet to even say that the rainbow is specially there for me, celebrating our anniversary.

So i edited the picture brightness and contrast so that you could see it more clearly.

After half an hour drive, finally we are here in Putrajaya!

Here's the night view from our seats. The fascinating night view and the floating restaurant make this seafood restaurant so unique among all the Tai Thong restaurants.

It is located near to the Putrajaya JPN building which you can see it's on the left of the picture.

Hehe, oysters! Both our favourite seafood of all. We ordered half dozen fresh oysters and it cost RM48 if i'm not mistaken. It's so so so fresh that my darling couldn't wait for me to place the oyster for snapshot. And he warned me he would finish all by the time i finish one snapshot. So i just quickly get the snapshot done and started tasting my oyster. Thumbs up for this dish! Deserve 5 stars out of 5 stars!

The next dish will be the Tiger Prawn in Wheat and Butter. I would recommend you to try this as well! The wheat in butter is so crispy and filled with the richness of butter. Simply amazing!

The next dish we ordered is the Steam Cod Fish. This is recommended by the manager, Hairi as there's just two of us and for sure we couldn't finish one whole fish. There, their cod fish is being sliced and it's most suitable for us. Hence, we took his advice and ordered this. It's not as good as we expected because it's not very fresh but yet it taste okie.

This will be my darling's favourite. Kam Heong Bamboo Lala. We ordered this after finishing all the dishes and we couldn't resist the seafood temptation. :p I even think of ordering crabs! *slurps* You can't imagine my craving for seafood!

*winkz* It's desert time again~ We ordered banana split each and we were shivering after finishing the desert as the cold night breeze blew towards our direction.

We have had a wonderful time together. Thanks to the manager, Hairi and his crew. Not to forget, thanks for the complimentary white wine i had from him as well. For sure, we get some special discount as we know him through my darling's brother.

At last, i would like to thank my darling for showering me with love and care all through the year although we have some arguement just like others did. Happy Anniversary my dear~ *muacks* Hope our relationship could grow stronger day by day and there's more surprise and anniversary awaits.

Address : Taman BotaniPresint 1,62000 PutrajayaWilayah Persekutuan

Tel : 03 8889 1188

Business Hour : Daily

Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm

Snacks 2:30pm – 6:00pm

Dinner 6:30pm – 10:30pm

Capacity : 192 pax (both indoor and outdoor)42 pax (Alfresco Cabana)


Blogger  said...

i ate the prawn with wheat and butter here in s'pore...


so so so so so tasty!

i mean, d wheat!!!!

haha...i could finish a bowl of rice solely with d wheat!

11:48 AM  
Blogger arco said... too..just the rice and the butter wheat..

12:52 PM  
Blogger Zac said...

oOoo...location map pls...kekeke

11:06 AM  
Blogger arco said...

zac: you can get it inside my post..the link there..

2:38 PM  

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