Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gaming Theory vs Relationship

UNO Stacko is one of the many variations of the card game UNO. This game is a blcck-stacking tower game which combines the gameplay of Uno and Jenga. I guess everyone should be familiar with this game without anymore further description.

Why would i compare this game with relationship? Me myself couldn't explain why. This idea just pop out out of nowhere when i was in dilemma.

Relationship, not only friendship, family as well as love pertaining the criteria of give and take. On the other hand, in playing this block-stacking game, players' move are determined by rolling the die, what you could do is just to have a better luck.

Yet in relationship, we couldn't depend it solely on luck but to compromise between friends, family and your partner and yourself. In which case when it comes to an argument or dead-end, each of you have to compromise and sacrifice if needed to bond the relationship. If you still care to bond it with just a lil more faith, trust and loyalty. Everyone should be able to deal with those tough and complicated situation, a challenge to be worked out together.

Ones should not just taking from each relationship but also need to give in. If everyone just keep taking each other's for granted, the framework of the tower which you've built together will not balance anymore and finally collapse. In playing the Uno stacko, every player just need to roll and die and pull the blocks which shown on the die. Not much of giving-in in this particular game because everyone is trying to win over competitors by pulling the piece of block which will not harm the framework and yet leaving others to deal with the problem. That's the objective of the game.

What's your opinion after reading this? I know i might be a little messy in arranging this entry. Not really in a clear mind though. Give me some feedback and your opinion.


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just briefly browse through..a good comparison..leave comment later =)

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