Wednesday, March 19, 2008

*Special Request*

This is a special request from my friends whom i categorized them as caring and sweet friends, those who left message in my blog asking why don't i update my blog; those who asked me when i met them recently. To my surprise, there's actually quite alot of them reading and updating my news through this abandoned blog. I didn't know until recently. Coz usually i don't get too many response and i never thought there's anyone who will consistently visiting here for my updates. I'm so sorry my friends.
I've been trying to hide and escape myself from facing some question that i don't want to be asked anymore. Something that i wish i could just erase from my experience in my life. But as time passes by, i know i cannot keep hiding since there's so many out there are actually caring for me.
Here, i'm dedicating this entry to everyone out there, after abandoning my blog for such a long time. Thanks for giving me the courage and encouraging me to start back my blogging life. Thanks alot my dear friends! Hugs and Kisses!