Sunday, July 30, 2006

My Lucky Charm?

Those in my class should be able to notice that i wore a crystal bracelet earlier this week but not anymore after a few days. That crystal was actually from my sis Sab, so kind and generous of her to buy me and my mom each from the World of Feng Shui! You know what, this is the first time ever in my life she bought me a gift with her own money! So both of us started wearing it since the last weekend. Everything seems fine but..

2 days after wearing the bracelet:
Early in the Tuesday morning, as usual, after dropping Sab off at her office i drove my SLK to Kenny's place whom i car pool with. Since it's still very early so the high way was clear, no lorries or buses. I enjoy looking at the sunrise everyday at this time accompany by the latest hitz from the radio. Out of a sudden, i heard a loud and sharp noise and my windscreen started to crack in a very fast pace. That really gave me a shock of my lifetime, my heart was pounding so fast that i felt a lil bit panic cause i have no idea what have caused the windscreen to crack as there's no lorries on the road! Even there's no car on my both side cause i'm driving in the middle lane and the car in front of mine is about 100m away!

With the emergency signal on, i drove slowly to Kenny's place which is not far away. As soon as i reached there, i made a phone call to Sab telling her what happened earlier and asked her to call our uncle who's also our insurance agent to tell me what should i do. While waiting for her reply, i asked for Kenny's brother help on the nearest workshop he know. It's so kind of him to help me contacted his friend who owns a workshop near his place and promised to come and take my car to replace with a new windscreen. I were asked to take some snapshots on the car and the windscreen by Sab and mom called to give some instruction as well. Kenny and I were have to skip the EC lecture that day cause the workshop was not open yet. The windscreen have cost me RM200 to replace with an ordinary one! Luckily, i can get the money back as soon as my uncle has made a claim from the insurance company. Phew~

3 days after wearing the bracelet:
Yeah, it's a Wednesday~ I can have a short break today as we have passed up all the assignments for this semester and there's only 1 test left on Saturday. Since i'm free so i was thinking should i try on with a new recipe, my very own Arco-Licious recipe. Now i'm gonna share the ingredients and processes to make yourself the same pastry that i've tried.
1st: Prepare a steamer with enough of boiling water, put some red bean pao inside or any pao you like.
2nd: You have to equip yourself with some Forgetful + Careless + Busy with other things + Bad Luck ! Ain't that easy?
3rd: Wait for about 1 hour til the steamer runs out of water and there's smoke coming out from it. That's all you need to do! Then you can get exactly the taste and smell of my pastry which have a chocolate topping.

Try this and you will get: Acknowledgement & praises from your parents, siblings will be proud of you and keep telling the whole world your glorious result, adding some interesting elements to your ever boring life! What a day to remember~ For nearly burnt down my humble dwelling :p

No one can explain why all these happen ever since i wear the crystal bracelet. Can you? Should i or should i not wear it anymore?

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Me & The Snow





我依然会认真的继续生活下去,因我依然相信世界还有善良与可爱的一面。凭着我尚留下的一点点温度与坚持跨步向前,迎着那一道曙光,拥抱我的人生。因我是那认真的雪, 谁也不能阻挡。

Sunday, July 23, 2006


It's definately a relieve for all of us from BBA Year3Sem1 GroupB cause the midterm test for the deadly subject MA was finally over. Guys and Gals it's not over yet, it's just midterm, our final is just around the corner! Sorry for have to keep reminding but face it, our uni's timetable is so darn packed. Nights before the test i've started preparing but there's still some shitty thing bothering me so there's not much actually in my brain! It's obvious that all were in busy mode for their msn, now i was thinking to upload a photo taken with my phone as a sign that i'm not available to chat cause i'm studying so stop nudging me or do forgive me for replying late at times. I showed the photo to Lydia and she said it's cute :p and she won't kacau me when she saw me putting that photo. Haha,so peeps wait til i transfer the photo ya~Headed home after the test cause i'm just way too exhausted for not having enuogh sleep for such a long time. It started to rain cats and dogs which is good to cool down the heat of the afternoon sun, strangely i couldn't fall asleep in such a cooling day! Strange huh..i know why and only God knows why.

I had so many ideas on how to decorate/modify a bit my clothings which is always plain and simple but i don't really have the time to. I dragged myself out from my nice and warm bed, opened up the doors of my wardrobe and started with the choosing cause i can't figure out which one to start off with first. I finally chosen a jeans that i have not wear for long time and have the idea of cutting it into shorts cause i'm getting frustrated for can't get myself a short which is in trend and fit with the size of my waist! Guess what,my body weight keeps on dropping thou i've consumed a big amount of food. It's definately not good to be too slim, so there's no need for diet gals out there, i'm not trying to be sarcastic okie, my family and friends who are close enough with me know exactly my problem of getting a pair of well-fitted pants, jeans, and slacks.

I took my mom's sewing toolbox and started to work with the jeans. My sis will be complaining i'm super crazy when she found out that it's my Miss Selfridge Jeans * eye-rolling *. Haha, but it's too late Sab you're not around to stop me from doing that :p. Tried it on once again to really make sure that i don't want it to be a long jeans anymore, then measure the length that i wanted to cut away. After that, started with the tailoring part. Cutting it into knee length and trying to make it looks as natural as possible. Guess it'll look perfect after a few washing and i'll make sure it's perfect.

Done with the tailoring part and now i need to get some accessories to match with. I nearly turned over the drawer. Finally, i've found a long ribbon which was being tied on the largest gift that i've ever receive so far. ( Large in the sense that the box is real huge haha) I simply like the colors of the ribbon cause it's a redish purple and look real shiny. Spent a long time figuring out which is the best way to tie it to the jeans at the waist line after trying whichever way i could think of. The finished piece is just the same like what i had in mind. * Cheers * for me~

I'll be updating more on the modification or re-decorate of my clothings so stay tuned to my blog posts. Those materials i'm using are affordable and can easily get so hope you peeps can try on some of your clothes as well. It's such a waste to not wear those clothing you felt it's outdated or plain there's so many things you can do to them. You just need to add some spices to your life to make it extraordinary so same theory applies here, by adding something extra ordinary to them. If you were to have any doubts feel free to drop me a message and i'll try my best to help out. *wink* you know where to get me right.

I'll be home alone this weekend cause my sis and mom are in Melacca, *sob sob* stupid test have spoiled my plan to follow my sis there to makan makan around. I really miss the food there especially Satay Celup. My aunt was supposed to take me to S'pore this weekend as well. But those plan were so not at the right time! There goes my shopping spree in S'pore! But i've got some real sweet friends to accompany me for meals. Went for steamboat last night opposite Metro Prima which Chia Chek suggested. Meet up with Es & Lyd around 7pm and started eating without waiting for the guys. Woops, we're too hungry cause i don't had my lunch and they just came back from park which i was supposed to join. But the rain had pulled me back. Had a great time talking while eating. Thanks peeps, especially to CC for the dinner! Yeah, good food and friends, there's nothing else that i miss. That's what call satisfaction!

p/s: the photo of the finished piece will be uploaded asap cause my sis had took the camera with her!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale @ The Grand Ballroom Renaissance Hotel

It's a wednesday! The day i'm always longing for in the week cause this is the day that i can have some time for myself, to tidy up my room ( i've got my own room! ), to file up my notes, searching for new songs to download, sitting right in front of my laptop blogging!! Why am i so free?? Haha it's just simply because i have no class on this particular day for this semester.

Had a busy weekend yet interesting i would say. For i have to finish up the E-Commerce individual assignmnet in just 3 days time but the power supply cable at my housing area was being cut off due to short circuit. What a shity incident! There goes my time to do the assignment. I was lucky enough as 2 of my friends were offering themselves to help me with some of the part else i won't be able to hand in the assignment on time. Thanks to Frederick and Chia Chek, i owe you both big time!

Guess what i've done when there's no electric supply at home? I went to the Estee Lauder Companies Staff Sale where my sis was able to get me the admission pass from her company! Since she was away from town with another friend to the cruise trip sponsored by their client which is much more attracting so i was able to get 2 passes. I decided to bring my mom along for some special reason of course~ *evil smile*

The sale started at 9:30 am but by the time i get there it was already 10:30 am. I saw some of them were making their moves with few big plastic bags in their hands and big smile on their face. The line were so long that i can't even see the entrance and by the time i got into the ballroom, my favourite cosmetic brands like Bobbi Brown and MAC's products were sold off!! Oh gosh, those people are real crazy!! Not even 1 thing left in their counter! What a waste, i can't get the products that i've planned to get night before. So i went to have a look at the Clinique counter hoping to get myself some of the cosmetics i need. Luckily i was able to grab some. Phew~ it's just like a battle field in there. My mom and i got so exhausted after coming back from there. Next year i have to make sure myself to be there hours before the sale starts.

Now it's time to explain the photo slides:
1. The admission pass to the Estee Lauder Company Staff Sale
2. Various brands of the company: Aramis, Tommy Hilfiger, Donna Karren New York, Michael Kors, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Origins, Stila
3 . Combination 1 is the eye liners, there's 3 different colors, each cost RM 15 but guess how much i've paid for them? Only RM 30.
4. Strawberry & Vanilla Freeze lip color, simply like the colors and there's one more lip shaper in the combination but i've forget to snap it :p
5. This combination cost me only RM40 ! Unbelievable! I like the casing very much too.
6. Combination 3 is the mascara, eye shadow and touch tint for eyes.
7 . I super love the eye shadow casing, you'll be shock to know the price of this combination. RM 30! Yes, it's 30! The mascara will easily cost you around RM80 for this brand and the eye shadow will cost you more than this price as well. It's so worth it.
8. Nice packaging of the Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise
9. Set of 3 : a 50ml beyond paradise+body lotion+roll-on beyond paradise perfume
10. The selling price of this set in the market is RM 260 and i've got it with only RM 120.

There's some more product that i've not put in but they all cost me just RM220. To add up all, they will easily cost me more than RM 500 if i would have buy them in the market.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

WorldCup Germany 2006 Screening Party@ c18

Hope it's not too late to share this blog cause the world cup has ended on the 10th of July. Thou i'm not fancy about football and even the players that gals are crazy for but i did follow some of the matches, either watching them at home with my parents and sis or went to some places for drinks and the matches the same time. For your info, my sis is working in one of the media company so we were lucky enough to get entries to the screening party sponsored by The Malay Mail. Guess most of you must be wondering why on earth i didn't go to the screening party in the Bukit Bintang. Let me just tell you then, there's road closure around that area and crowded so i never think of getting there at all. I was not intended to go to any at the first place, but when my sis told me there's one party where we can have free flow of beers and soft drinks, refreshment and most importantly with air-conditioned!! I eventually joined my sis and her friends to the party since it will only be held four years once thou i need to stay up the whole night for the match.

The party was held in c18@ Bangsar Avenue. We were lucky enough to get a whole set of couch for the 6 of us and the bar was just right next to us. Haha~ From the photos, you can see that we were at the 1st floor which is made available only for the Malay Mail guests. There's 2 big screens for the match, and the DJ along with his turn-table was just right next to screen.

As we've predicted, our supporting team the Italian had won the WorldCup. Hooray~

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's The End..Believe Me...

What a hectic week i had and there won't be much changes for the following weeks for i had lots of assignments dateline to meet as well as midterms. I definately need a break, a Kit-Kat will never do me right. A sleepless night although i'm in an exhaustion mode after finishing the financial statement analysis assignment. Now i finally realized, by keeping myself busy is the only way to keep me away from all the sorrow and pain i feel inside.

Hesitated for quite sometime whether or not to blog on this issue. You are going to get the picture as i'm here blogging after a deep thought on how to express the feeling i had inside. Though i'm not ready yet to see the expressions and the words of care flooding me just like the last once. But i'm not going into details.Been having a hard time dealing with my emotions especially in this assignment season. I would be yelling over the phone, having no patience whenever i'm talking even with my parents and the situation get worse when i have not enough of sleep. What a big fluctuation as i'm no person like that. Where have all my patience gone?

I think someone has taken it away from me without me realizing when he left me so helplessly and lost in the realm of reality. And i have the most unforgettable april fool that i will never ever forget in my life. Leaving me with all the confusion, questioning from all of the people around us over the shit you've left behind to me. I would have to say that ending this relationships so abruptly is not the right way of managing it. So don't start one when you have not figure out the ways to manage! How can you manage your business, company or even life when you can't manage a relationship well.

Forcing myself to be strong and cheerful in front of friends and family. It's definately not okie to be weak. Why can't i just cry when i want to, scream if i want to, collapse if i want to! Someone that saw me gone through this shitty life over the years told me that i do not deserve to be treated with such cruelty and hurt so badly.He adviced me to take that this happened for the best and that everything starts off new-without him this time. Do you ever ask yourself questions like: Have you really cared for someone more than you expected? Have you ever tried to love him/her despite of all the pain?Have you??

Talked over the phone with a lady whom i respect and love dearly this afternoon and her advices had brought me back to the blue moods, reminiscing over what had happened, i started to feel the pain for i have numbed myself to be feelingless for the past few months. I thought i've healed over time unconciously but that just proved me wrong. So wrong that it hurts even more to reach at an extreme. Ending the conversation with tears welled up in my eyes.
The Last: Kiss - KLIA 4th Feb 2006 ,Hug- KLIA 4th Feb 2006 but when will be the last tear i would ever drop for you? I wonder.

Kisses for the time spent, Roses for the passion invested, Memories for the sweet memories, Goodbye to the passion and time as you're feeling it as a torture.

True love hears what is not spoken, and understands what is not explained, for love doesn't work in the mouth, nor the mind, but in the heart. My heart was shattered like hundreds and thousands pieces of glasses leaving me with a low self-esteem that i can hardly gain over the years. Now i have to start struggling from the very beggining to be able to stand with my own feets again. Wondering when i can meet someone that is willing to endure the pain of picking up the pieces so i could be whole again. I really do wonder. With teary eyes, i'm putting an end for my past and entering into a mature phase.

p/s: It's good to care but not to ask cause i'm totally blur as well. I'm such a loser! So don't ever ask me why! I've had enough of that. I need no questions in my life anymore when i have tons of them in my mind. Sorry for have to share this sad entries but i just want to make myself clear that i will not commenting on this issue anymore. So please not to be cruel to me! For those who's being there for me whenever i need someone to talk to, sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for listening to me and giving me some different point of view. You guys and gals are the reason i am still blogging here, i would have to say you all rock my world! I know you all will not want to see anymore sad entries from me, that's what i'm getting back from you guys and gals. I'll do my very best for that and i need sometime to be Me again~

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cool High End Gadgets

Hey guys and gals, i've received an e-mail that caught my attention this evening. After reading and see-ing the pictures, i'm amazed with the development of technologies nowadays and the effort put in by all the scientists for making our lives wonderful~*cheers* for them for bringing us such a cool high end gadgets that you'll soon found out. I'm curious and wondering what our lifestyle would be in the coming future. More to be expected, surprises in our daily lives is what i'm looking forward to.

So now, any idea of what these are? My first thought would be:" It's just some ordinary pen that can be found everywhere, what's the big deal with them?"

I think most of you must be thinking the same as me. Now let's have a closer look. "Hmm..pen with camera and recorder? "

But the answer is WRONG!

"So now what? I really can't figure out what are these! Pens that can be bent? "

TaaDar~ Let's see it for yourself!

To my surprise, they are actually gadgets that can made up a laptop with the bluetooth technology. Soon, they will be replacing our bulky and space consuming PC. This is what we are going to use in the future! Ain't that cool?? While the computers company are still in the evolution of miniature computers, the great scientists are ahead by inventing this laptop by using the bluetooth technology. To sum up, life is full of surprises! So live your life to the fullest with all these cool stuff around!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Redang Trip 10.05.06 - 12.05.06

Oh gosh, it seems so long after the vacation and there's a sudden urge that made me open up the folder to view the photos taken. So i've spent sometime choosing the photos i like,resized them and uploading them into slides that you can see above. That's so sad for i have to stay at home on saturday night, cause i had my OD midterm this morning, reached home around 2pm and dropped dead on my bed til 5pm. Guess i'm too exhausted and fatigueness all over me. So here i am, sitting in front of my laptop blogging while accompanying my mom watching tv shows. Surprisingly it's very common for me to do few tasks at the same time, multitasking is essential in this fast pacing environment, well-trained for that *winkz*

I had so much fun during the vacation cause i have no worries over my exam result, well prepared for i have to show that i can gain my self-esteem back even shitty things happened on me again! Why am i talking bout the shitty things when i'm imagining myself at the beach?! No no no, let's not spoil the mood. Planned for the vacation at very last minutes, during the study week when Kenny brought up the idea. This vacation was made up by Bee Sien, Kenny and his girlfriend, Kenny's friends Cally and her boyfriend, and me of course! So 6 of us took the midnight bus to Kuala Terengganu and reached there at 5:30 in the morning. At first, a close friend of mine, JC offered himself to take us for breakfast but i think that it's not so good to wake him up so early. Thanks for the offer JC.

7am, the resort's coordinator called up and showed us the place to get our bus to the jetty. From the jetty,we took a speed boat to the resort. From afar, i can see dark clouds over the resort, and rain started pouring so heavy that all of us were soaking wet when we reached the resort cause our boatman was driving in full speed -_-'' it's so painful to feel the raindrops tappered on us! After loading our baggages, we had a quick shower then headed to the beach to take some snapshots. In the afternoon, we followed the other groups to snorkel. It's my first time snorkelling and i had so much fun. Cause BS didn't know how to swim, she was so nervous to swim in the sea, so i hold her hand and leaded her all through the session. The next day, she was able to overcome the fear and snorkelled on her own *cheerz* For your info, we snorkelled 2-3 times a day but amazingly i didn't feel tiring at all. Guess the underwater world and colorful corals had taken away my worries and sorrow.

There's one thing that made me abit over exicted was i get to see the Star Cruise Virgo right in front of my eyes. The instructor and boatman decided to drove us near the cruise after the snorkelling session cause the cruise can only be seen once in 3-6 months according to the instructor. This once was so close that we get to see it from our resort. Surrounded the cruise that all of us were busy taking snapshots. How i wish i can get abroad. What a luxurious ride if i can ever get abroad.

One thing that i enjoyed the most was spending time sitting outside my room, near the bar, on the beach watching sunrise ( i woke up around 6 am every morning for that) and sunset. Looked upon the sky,watching the changes of the sky and weather, taking some snapshots. That's the life i'm longing for,it's good to slow down sometime , have a good look of the world around, how wonderful the world would be to be able to share all the wonderful things with someone you love.

I know i know,i've been talking too much. For sure i'm going to get more complaints from you guys and gals for again. Hope you all can enjoy the seaview just like i do.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

6F Class Gathering 5th July 2006

First of all, i would like to take this opportunity to explain that 6F is not a lousy class you know. It's common for other primary school to name their classes by using alphabetical order. Our school, Mun Choong used the same rule but there's a slight different cause there's morning and afternoon sessions. They faced problems to accomodate all the students due to limited spaces and classrooms. For your information, there's 10 classes for every standards and 50 students in each classes, so imagine 6 standards,60 classes and 3000++ students in a school. They had to split into 5 classes every standards for each of the session. Morning ones was named A,B,C,D and E so the afternoon ones continue from F,G,H,I and J. Our class 6F and 6A was the best class in the standards which others might think that we are from a lousy class and gave us a sarcastic facial expression which i think it's so unfair to get this kinda of humiliation!!

Since some of them from Aussie, local universities are having their term break so we planned a gathering as demanded from a classmate, Jun Peng. I've started sending out messages through friendster cause that's the best way to get back other's contact since i've limited contacts myself. Getting feedbacks and suggestion from others through the msn, asking others to help sending out the information through sms, we've reached a consesus to held it on 5th July,7 pm at The Curve's Heaven, which previously named Halo Cafe. That's one of my favorite hang out place, to get some drinks and most importantly to listen to the live performance there.

I reached there around 7:10 pm and some were already there. We had our dinner and chit chatting about our lives, as well as getting some latest update those not attending the gathering. Had lots of fun laughing and talking bout times we had together in primary school. We get a bit frustrated as some promised to attend did not show up bet never inform us, making it worst when don't even want to answer our calls. If that's the case why making such a promise?! If you never ever appreciate our intention of having a gathering then just tell us you're not going to join usl, it's just that easy, isn't it?

Somehow, we won't have our mood spoiled by some jerk and i think all of us having a great time there. I took some photos of classmates that attended the gathering thou just 8 of us shown up there last night. At last, when we were planning to make a move, a joker called up and said that he's on the way so we decided to meet him at some other place as we've paid the bill earlier. After meeting him, we headed home as most of us will have an early class the next day.

It's good to see you guys and gals last night, some that i have not meet since graduated from primary school, i'll be looking forward for the upcoming gathering. Wishing you all good luck in future undertakings and may you all be blessed with love and happiness~!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

E-Commerce Presentation

Firstly, for someone that is definately not a computer literate like me, i'm so proud to get my blog to look like what one should be like *wink* You'll never believe that started from getting a blogger account to posting 2 entries as well as changing the blog's templates spent me around 5 hours to figure it out! Finally, now i know what i've learn during my Pre-University programmes are of use~ the C++ and HTML coding ! Specially thanks to Mic, a friend of my younger sis who's good in blogging, thanks alot for the felp and information shared. Really appreciate the time you spent in teaching me.

Let's get back to our topic. Last tuesday, it was my group's turn to present our E-commerce assignment which titled "Mobile Money: It's Development and Risks in Malaysia" Mobile money is still a new term here in Malaysia so if you're interested to know more about its functions you can log on to their website .

We've started preparing for me few days before the presentation by doing our own parts. We'vev decided to make our presentation a creative and interesting ones by doing something that had been done before in our class. We decided to take some video clips on how the Mobile Money works, it's transactions and processes involved.

To take a video clip, we need someone to "volunteer" to be the actor and actress in it. Without any chance for objections, Kenny and JS were being set up by the other 3 of us to cast in the clips :p. After taking the video clips we started to prepare for our slides and tried to edit and insert the clips into it. Big applause to our Boss, MC for spending so much time in preparing and getting those background that made our slides look so professional.

On the presentation day, we were so nervous and started to set up the laptop and projector and ran through the whole presentation once in case there's any mistakes. Soon as our tutor, Ms Lo entered to class and every classmates were seated we started by giving them some basic knowledge about Mobile Money in Q&A form. Ms Lo was smart enough to see our intentions of giving the papers to all in order to be free from questions asked by her.

The presentation went smooth and when the video clips were shown during our presentation, all the classmates burst out in laughter to see the superb acting by the two of them, even ourselves can't stop laughing thou we've seen in so many times during the preparation but we managed to control the crowd as well. To be more hillarious, you all should see the original clips with speaker on! We purposely turn it off so others can't hear what's happening behind. Those not acting laughing all the way, our Boss giving instructions on what to do etc. Too bad i don't know how to share it here or else you'll have a good time laughing at our clips.

After presenting, it's Q&A session. As usual, all the classmates kept quiet cause they were afraid to be asked also during their presentation. But, definately our tutor is going to give us some hard time. Alot of doubts from her, questions asked but our Boss was able to answer them very very well and Ms Lo was very satistfied. The comments from Ms Lo: " I can see the hard work and effort being invested in your presentation, Excellent! And now i know there's a good actor and actress in our class as well! Good job and i'm expecting more from the following group. " What a relieve to get her comments. *phew*

The photo slides above were taken on that day,can see that my face was so pale,dark circles and puffy eyes. It's exactly the same for the other group mates. Bravo! Good job and we're gonna rock others in our coming Organizational Development presentation!! Watch out you guys and gals *evil smile*

Sunday, July 02, 2006

My 21st Birthday Bash

Year 2006 is entering the 7th month and this is the year where all the '85 babies are receiving their key to freedom! I've received mine in May 15th and now i'm officially an adult! That is so amazing to become an adult for it's not easy to be in a transition of life. There's a big difference between the teenhood and adulthood, i've started to feel the pressure to be an adult cause i'll be graduating in less than 1 year to be exact in just 10 months. Part of the reason why i'm moving to a new blog is to have a new start, as turning to a new page of my life, writing the book the way i want it to be, adding more colors into my adulthood *cheers*

Photo slide above are part of the photos taken during my birthday party (13/5/06) organized at my house and my younger sis was having her farewell party at the same time. She's got an offer to study her pre-university programme in College Matriculation Gopeng which is fully financed by the government and that guarantee her a place in our local university. She has to register herself on 15th, the very day of my birthday, that is so sad. From the slide, you can see how many of her friends attended our party, that's alot you know. All of them chipped in to get her a real comfort pillow, that's not it, with all their wishes on the pillow case~! That's so sweet of her friends, special and creative gift i would say. That pillow follow her to the college's hostel for sure.

Finally, dedicating this blog for those who attended the party as well as those who were not able to make it cause most of them were celebrating mother's day. Thanks for making my 21st birthday a memorable ones. Thanks to my family,relatives, friends from primary school, secondary school, and university, last but not least my younger sis's friends cause i'm quite close with them for your info: for wishing me happy birthday so loud and singing birthday song so loud that i think can be hear from afar. All of you, your presence means alot to me you know. Truly from the bottom of my heart. Sorry for i can't list down the name one by one else my blog will be very long and you guys will fall asleep half way through the reading -_-'' that's the complain i always get!! Thanks for the pressie from you guys and gals, and i'm still redeeming them til recently! And here i'm reminding uncle Brandon once again for the Baskin Robbin treat that you've agreed in case you're too busy and forgotten about that :p

p/s: few of the photos were taken during my dear friends esther & lydia's birthday party and also in Shogun 1 Utama during their birthday which is just 2 days after mine!

Welcome abroad

First of all i would like to welcome you guys to my blog, though this is not my first blog. You'll be familiar with my previous one if you're following my blog supported by friendster. Many of my friends were asking why i'm not updating my blog anymore, there's some reasons behind and now i will not act secretive anymore. Here i am announcing the birth of my new blog *winkz* Sure everyone will be wondering,why on earth i decided to stop blogging there. Actually,this is a hectic semester for me cause now i'm a year 3 undergraduate so i don't really have the time to update it, but i'll try my very best for this new blog. Furthermore, i get so frustrated with the settings used that i can't really put the photos i uploaded to the position i want, this can be proved by my previous posts with photos scattering around the posts. That really made me giving up to post one of my entries with quite alot of photos taken. Not to complain anymore, hope that you guys will still follow my entries here and enjoy my very own arco-licious lifestyle~ I would really appreciate if i can get some commends for my entry, provide me with some idea and improvement can be made.