Thursday, September 28, 2006

LeSportsac = ArCo's Life

Yes yes, guess you peeps can see from the picture above, shopaholic ArCo is back again as the sales heat has started!

Went to both Isetan outlets in KL : Lot 10 and KLCC yesterday afternoon cause they are having members' presale day. Yeah~ i'm a member myself. That is very tempting to a shopaholic like me after reading through the updated newsletter sent to my house. I can't resist it but to loaded myself with cash and grabbed the car key heading to both the outlets.

Soon as i entered Lot 10's Isetan, my eyes were caught by the new arrival of LeSportsac! My favorite brand for bags of all~ Oh gosh, they are so cute yet stylish! My eyes were wide open to see the price tag! That is totally crazy man, a small bag like that is gonna cost me my whole month's allowance. I like it too much but what i can only do is to bug Kian to take a snapshot of the bag with me~ *sobx sobx*

Bought what i've needed in Lot 10 then sent Kian, Kang and others back to their office. After that, i drove alone to KLCC. It's so hard to get a parking there as all the parking entrance were closed up. Having no choice, i decided to park my car in KL Convention Centre's basement carpark and walked through the pedestrian tunnel linked to KLCC.

Soon as i entered KLCC's Isetan, the first outlet i went was the LeSportsac again. Argh, i can't control my urge to see those bags again~ Thinking should i get one or not. At last, rational stopped me from buying it as i've called my sis earlier and told her about the bag. She answered it short and precisely : Go die la~ so expensive! If I were to pay it with my credit card, i'll be in deep trouble when my parents found out. It's true, cause i have limited budget this month as i need to get something else more important to me. *winkz*

It's so suffering to can just see, touch, and take a snapshot with it but not to own one! Now i can just hug LeSportsac bag i owned with a deep grieve growing in me. I want the new design's bag desperately! Guess LeSportsac has taken over my life.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

ArCo is Back Again!~

Hey peeps~It has been a long while since i've last updated my blog. Finally the very first entry for the month of September. *Cheers* for ArCo!

I even need to key in my login ID twice to get the right one :p That shows i really do neglected this blog ever since i've joined Multiply and busy preparing for my final. Yeah, i've finished the final exam for this semester! Enjoying my holidays and barely have the time to sit in front of my laptop to blog a little for you peeps. I'm so sorry about that. It's so happening in my life lately, getting to know more and more friends was the interesting part of all. There's too much to blog, now i'm having the problem, where i should start off with.

Some Updates After My Previous Blog:

Get to know a gang of peeps from Construction Management, UTAR. They're real nice and comfortable to hang out with. Guess what, i started to hang out with them even more than my friends :p I've joined Multiply for quite sometime but i never added any contacts and totally nothing at all in my site. CC was kind enough to ask me to join them and that's how the story began.

Some kinda weird feeling triggered me to blog in mandarin and i've not really write in mandarin after taking my SPM paper. That's so pathetic. Posted 3 mandarin entries there which i've limited the access to my close contacts. To my surpise, i'm getting alot of comments and feedback on what i've blogged. I don't even know i can actually blog in mandarin. I'm overwhealmed by those comments.

I do share some of my latest snapshots which could not be found in my friendster and here as well. That's where i'll upload my whole album to from now on. I've written some reviews about the artist i admire, recommended some latest hitz and some songs that i like there too.You can get the link to my Multiply at the side bar. Some contents are allowed for public viewing so feel free to browse through if you peeps are care enough to do so. -End of Update-

Some friends that are not chinese educated started to complain about me as i only concentrated blogging in mandarin lately and totally neglected them. Sorry mates, it's not easy to blog in 2 language versions as requested by you peeps and i'm gonna be drag down in the sense of time needed to blog. Please bear with me alright? It's not easy to fulfill everyone's need, but i'll try my best to not neglect both side, is that alright?

ArCo is back again~ So keep visiting back for more :p ArCo want to be a sleep blogger no more! And peeps you should play your role in giving me feedback and comments too! You peeps rockxz! *Huggies*